Our Story

Hey there!

My name is Sarah.
Me, my daughter Scarlett, and her sisters Sapphire and Storm are so excited to introduce you to our line of personalized sunglasses.

We call it the Scarlettsunnies!

We've been working on this project for a while now, and we can't wait to share it with you and your little ones.

Our mission is simple: To make the coolest and funnest sunnies, and we've done just that.

Our sunglasses are not just trendy, it's lightweight and with UV 400 protection.
And best of all?
They can be personalized just for you Mamas and of course, your Minis!

Are you ready for your own custom sunglasses?

We know you are!
Happy Shopping 🫶

Our Craft

Please note that all our Sunnies are lovingly bedazzled by hand and as we always try to deliver the best, they may not always be 100% perfect.

All Charms and Rhinestones are adhered with a special glue and then set to cure for 48 hrs. They are strongly secured but rough use may result to damage.

Please note that design may vary. Each pair of Scarlettsunnie is unique.

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Enjoy your new Scarlettsunnies!